Meet the student advisory board

Fiona Fan, Westminster School

Fiona Fan

Although Fiona, a senior at Westminster School, now engages herself in a variety of different aspects of life, her identity used to be defined entirely by one activity: figure skating. Her dream to someday compete in the Olympics was subdued by a number of injuries. However, had it not been for her numerous physiotherapy sessions, she never would have realized her new dream of becoming a doctor. Fiona is now extremely fascinated with both healthcare and research, and in 10 years, aspires to have successfully graduated medical school and be practicing medicine as a resident at a revered hospital.

Sitnour Elamin, Boston Latin School

Sitnour Elamin

Sitnour is a junior at Bostin Latin School with hopes of pursuing a career in law. When not busy with schoolwork, she enjoys listening to music, talking to friends, and occasionally playing soccer. Through her every day, she tries to keep in mind that there's no promise of a tomorrow in order to prevent her from procrastinating. She hopes that one day she will live in a positive world—one in which headaches seize to exist.

Cindy Trinh, Boston Latin School

Cindy Trinh

Recently, Cindy has become passionate about gradually transitioning to a vegan lifestyle. It's a process that has helped her focus on what and how much she's eating as well as daily exercise. As a result, she's started making her own meals and have taken a liking to cooking and baking. Currently, Cindy's also looking towards a career in the medical field. And finally, you're never going to be completely ready for something, so don't let fears and doubts cloud your judgement and just go for it.

Augustine Weber, Boston Latin School

Augustine Weber

One of Augustine's greatest passions in traveling. Every summer, she travels out of the country and explores new places in order to learn more about different cultures and languages around the world. Traveling provides not only a way to visit historical and educational places, but to observe the various lives of hardworking people. She's currenty a junior at Bostin Latin School.

Annie Tsan, Boston Latin School

Annie Tsan

Annie is a junior at Bostin Latin School who suffers from wanderlust and can't wait to get out and explore the world. She loves food, adventure, cute plushies, and did she mention food? Community service is one of her many passions; she runs a school club that partners with local organizations and provides them with resources to address the needs and concerns of the community. Her one motto in life: "Live and let live."

Kailey Moon, Farmington High School

Kailey Moon

Kailey, a junior at Farmington High School, loves being involved in the health community through volunteer work in hospitals and fundraising. Labwork and research are also fields she enjoys. She's on the Girl's Crew Team, which has taught her so much about teamwork.

Nneoma Emeka, Parkview High School

Nneoma Emeka

Nneoma is a junior at Parkview High School, who loves art and photography. She also feels good when she gets to help others in need. For example, she enjoys collecting books and donations for certain organizations and also giving/facilitating a few classes at her local library.

Paige Despain, Fountain Hills High School

Paige Despain

A sophomore at Fountain Hills High, Paige uses “y’all” unironically in daily conversation. She's been playing the piano for over six years and has never memorized an entire song. Photography is one of her biggest passions in life. She volunteers at her community library and is also part of Teen Council at her school where she helps plan fun activities for teenagers. Through this group, she was also able to help start a math tutoring program for elementary/middle school students.